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Public comment period underway for classification of Boreas Ponds and other Forest Preserve lands. Summer breaking records for northern areas, making likely to be the hottest year on record , breaking records set in and Judge shoots down restraining order that had stopped tree cutting on the Forest Preserve for 25 days. See stories in the Adirondack Almanack and Times Union. Governing Magazine puts the spotlight on the debate over the future of motorsports on the Forest Preserve of the Adirondack Park and the state of rural America. See report on the Adirondack Almanack about Appellate Division upholding restraining order against state tree cutting on the Forest Preserve. See Post Star report. See report on Adirondack Almanack about original court action to halt tree cutting on the Forest Preserve.


What was Donald Trump like as a kid? See pictures from his childhood. As a 5-year-old, the boy followed his babysitter on an urban safari, descending into a sewer that was under construction beneath New York City.

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For your consideration is an incredibly rare baseball bat from the ‘s. It is one of only a handful of bats that we have owned from this era. This gorgeous example remains in excellent condition and measures 39 inches long! Of course the bat was hand turned, showing lathe marks on both ends. The handle is lighter in color, giving an appealing two-tone effect, and the knob is both interesting and unique.

The bat remains in exceptional condition with a smooth surface free of dings, dents or scratches. The end of the barrel shows signs of age and wear expected from a piece nearly years old. This exceptional rarity remains un cracked and the overall condition is excellent. A gorgeous and super rare display piece that will make a fantastic addition to any antique baseball collection! Here we are offering a wonderful 19th century baseball bat. This antique baseball bat was made by the Spalding Sporting Goods Company and measures 34 inches long.

In the center it features the large and attractive Spalding logo stenciled on in black. The very tip of the bat is black and about one inch below that is a single black ring. The markings are bold against beautiful light colored wood grain and it all comes together to make for a rare and attractive display bat in excellent condition.

Troy, New York

Early Maps of the New World The persistent academic argument concerning early voyages to the New World ends with an examination of the cartographic evidence. Maps that have been preserved in the collections of such distinguished archives as the Louvre in Paris , the British Museum, and the Library of Congress are sufficient to prove that ancient seafarers as far back as the Roman Empire engaged in regular voyages to Ancient America.

These cartographical fingerprints contain unmistakable coastlines, geographical positions on the globe, references of longitude and latitude, proximities to identifiable mainland or islands, place names of cities or territorial titles also called toponyms , and often text that identifies key features of topography, climate, vegetation, or native species of animals. Historical perspectives provided by the sequence of maps from a particular region are often sufficient to delineate sequential modifications of coastlines as subsequent explorers gradually improved the cartographical knowledge of a particular area.

Archaic academic notions that the New World was somehow isolated from Old World contact until after Columbus sailed across the Atlantic in an effort to reach China in the 15th century are based on a Eurocentric religious doctrine that was inherited from the Middle Ages. Modern scholars would do well to abandon this myopic mental baggage, because the survival and prosperity of our species depends upon making an accurate appraisal of where we have come from in the past and where we need to be heading in the future.

Earliest Louisville Slugger bat. Few bats found with block letter names on the barrel. In , Honus Wagner signs on as an endorser of Louisville Slugger bats.

Lesser known are the approximate caves that formed below and around these same mountains. Just as wild, awe-inspiring and challenging to navigate as the mountains that hover overhead, the numerous caverns and karsts of the Adirondacks are worthy of exploration. Adirondack caves offer adventure opportunities for every ability level — and for every age. Commercial operations like Natural Stone Bridges and Caves in Pottersville can provide easy access to impressive pre-glacial caverns ripe for exploration within a controlled environment.

Its marked walking trails and educational signage provide easy self-guided exploration. Those seeking a more rugged wilderness experience need not look far. But for those seeking an extra-ordinary sense of adventure or an uncommon thrill the caves of the Adirondacks will not disappoint. For the caving novice eager to explore on her own, Kunjamuk Cave makes for an ideal destination.

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Kenneth Pringle Alan P. These images when considered in detail appear to date to the period when Elko and Humboldt Series points were in use. Two direct, experimental XRF dates made directly on two of the images support this determination.

Book your reservation at Devil’s Pool Restaurant here! Come join us for a casual dining experience that combines the best of southern home-style fare with the rustic elegance of a century-old log structure, steeped in history as rich as the sumptuous desserts prepared by our chefs.

Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted. Adirondack Mountains – Big Moose lake – This was featured on unsolved mysteries and is the topic of books, and a movie called a place in the sun. In the early s Grace Brown was drowned by her fiance, Chester Gilette. She haunts a cabin.

Reports say that they have tried to pull the string on a light and they feel a cold hand, see her drowning, or see apparitions at the lake.. Albany – Cherry Hill – an unidentified ghost has been seen on the lower floors and terrace. Albany – Education Building – In the basement there is an elevator that leads to the sub-basement. The sub-basement goes down another four floors and is nicknamed “the dungeon”. It was said that when workers were laying the cement for the sub-basement a co-worker went mysteriously missing, his lunch and house keys were found but he wasn’t.


What is the value of a Pittsburgh Pirates batting helmet from the s or s? There’s a lot more interest in game-used batting helmets today than there used to be, but valuation can be tough without association to a specific player. There are many factors that could effect the value more or less..

Missing: Prehistoric Michigan’s Half-Billion Pounds of Copper By David Hoffman AA #35 pp Approximately 9, years ago, the Great Lakes achieved their current definition.

Well, Trump and Russia, since the Golden Golem of Greatness is in league with Vladimir Putin to loot the world, or something like that. Trillions wafted into the stock and bond markets, levitating them as a sort of stage-managed misdirection from the sickening spectacle of wobbling real stuff economies. In , The Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded an astounding 5, point year-on-year upzoom, with 12 months of gains and no loser months, and a string of 71 record highs.

Did your eyes glaze over yet? What could go wrong with that program? And if, for instance, the interest rate on the benchmark year US Treasury bond goes up past 3. And it may be tits up for the real estate sector, too, because mortgage rates will rise, and fewer people will buy houses. The ECB and the BOJ have already made noises about curtailing their vacuuming up of securities, so the liquidity rotation may end altogether.

The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has at its centerpiece the lowering of corporate income tax from 35 to 21 percent. The hidden agenda may be to hope this can act as a substitute for the dwindling central bank liquidity injections. In the background of all this is an array of perilous real world events playing out that include especially potential conflict around North Korea and the Middle East.

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Log in to Reply sprawlcapital April 27, at He truly believes that anti-depressants are effective, seemingly unaware that the science behind them is dubious. I greatly appreciate his attack on politically -correct gender pronouns, but he is way off base when he asserts that without a belief in a god there can be no morality. The basis of morality is the Golden Rule, which is nothing more than common sense. Does Peterson have common sense?

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Troy is a city in the U.S. state of New York and the seat of Rensselaer city is located on the western edge of Rensselaer County and on the eastern bank of the Hudson has close ties to the nearby cities of Albany and Schenectady, forming a region popularly called the Capital city is one of the three major centers for the Albany Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Water levels would have been high near the time of the final glacier melt enabling human travel along ancient trade routes. Soil conditions indicate that at one time the Wisconsin River was several miles wide in the center part of the state, and the escarpment of Door County as an ancient shoreline proves examples of this. Artifacts from this ancient civilization contribute to understanding the truly wide-ranging influences of early man.

Found at the Oconto site were freshwater clam shells indicative of the Mississippi River and a shell representative of the southern Atlantic coastline. Yet, it is copper for which this culture is known. They fashioned arrowheads and bracelets and other tools and ornaments But copper, like shells, was not native to either Green Bay or Lake Michigan.

The only area along the major waterways of North America where copper is found is the Lake Superior region, some of the oldest land on earth. It yielded vast quantities of copper both in ancient, as well as in modern times. Records made over twelve years at the turn of the century reveal that two and one-half million tons of copper passed through the Soo Locks.

Confident. Incorrigible. Bully: Little Donny was a lot like candidate Donald Trump

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

Adirondack model bat dating. And Unstructured explained the thing represented cash in the couch as of Dec. Hi datinb Lauren Comprador shows off her hot lonely when she saw into the foreign shower on I’m A Cordoba Get Me Out Of Www!.

The land around the Poesten Kill was owned by Skiwias and was called Panhooseck. The area around the Wynants Kill, was known as Paanpack, was owned by Peyhaunet. The land between the creeks, which makes up most of downtown and South Troy, was owned by Annape. South of the Wynants Kill and into present-day North Greenbush , the land was owned by Pachquolapiet.

These parcels of land were sold to the Dutch between and and each purchase was overseen and signed by Skiwias, the sachem at the time. Dirck Van der Heyden was one of the first settlers.

Confident. Incorrigible. Bully: Little Donny was a lot like candidate Donald Trump

As promised from the previous episode, James Renner was introduced to the series. Maura ran away to escape the men in her life. You want to believe. Being alive is better than being dead. Ideally I hope Maura still exists more than anything but my realist side suggests this case reeks of foul play.

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This list of words was selected from newspapers, TV, internet and other written and spoken sources. We at Jam Systems, a developer of English-Japanese educational software, have used the ANC list as the basis of our own vocabulary learning tool. We first removed all false words, swear words, and slang in order to clean up the content, and finally selected the 30, most frequently used words. Because the vast majority of academic theses are written in English, we have annotated scientific terms with brief Japanese explanations to ensure the relevance of the Encyclopedia function.

Those annotation will be translated into English soon. We’ve also added “cf. Then we added translations into Japanese and 45 major languages. Thus we have created multilingual dictionaries based on the ANC word frequency list and posted on the web for free, the first of its kind. Please download the whole data to your PC on excel format, then edit to make your own custom-made dictionary.

We will keep cooperating with the ANC consortium representing English-learning countries. We welcome the support of users, especially in the translations of 45 languages. Please feel free to contact us with your questions and comments. Potential business partners are welcome to join. Saeki, founder Jam Systems.

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